The Research

The Research

Ketamine is completely different from SSRIs, tricyclics, MOAI inhibitors, benzos, or any other antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication.
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Am I a Candidate?

When a patient is not responding to other traditional forms of treatment, Ketamine infusions should be considered as the next step.

Welcome to Georgia Ketamine Clinic

We are committed to providing outstanding care for treatment-resistant depression producing real, lasting results. Ketamine is an anesthetic medicine that was developed nearly 50 years ago. Ketamine treatment for treatment- resistant depression has been in use for several years with impressive results. Georgia Ketamine Clinic offers cutting-edge treatment for symptoms such as persistent sadness and hopelessness.

Ketamine has been shown to improve mood, outlook, and activities of daily living when traditional therapies have failed. Ketamine is successful in the treatment of treatment- resistant depression, mood disorders, and anxiety. Under patient-specific-treatment protocols, a marked, positive response after the first infusion has been demonstrated.

Georgia Ketamine Clinic serves Ketamine IV Treatment to all Atlanta and surrounding metro area



Resistant Depression Symptoms may be lifted in as soon as 1 hour
Treatment is safe and monitored with easy administration
We supply a warm, inviting office for you to receive treatment

Dr. Heidi Nicholson and her staff provide ketamine infusions, at Georgia Ketamine Clinic in Gainesville Georgia, to relieve treatment resistant depression when standard anti-depressants have failed to alleviate depression symptoms.

Ketamine treatments are not for those with mild depression, situational depression, or mood swings.  Ketamine infusion therapy can successfully treat post-traumatic stress and recalcitrant clinical depression.

Studies have shown that patients with treatment resistant depression, who need immediate mood stabilization, will most often benefit from Ketamine infusion therapy.


The relief I have been able to experience during my good days since starting Ketamine treatments has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. To be able to slowly get back into my life has meant so much to me. This is not to say that I don’t have an occasionally bad day. Being able to say that I’ve had a whole week of good days is amazing for me. I’m not having suicidal thoughts, and I have hope that I will slowly but surely gain control of my life again.