Types of Depression

Potential candidates for Ketamine infusion therapy may have previous diagnoses of the following:

  • Treatment Resistant Depression
  • Major Depressive Disorders
  • Post-partum Depression
  • Bi-polar Depression
  • Severe Anxiety

What is Treatment Resistant Depression?

Treatment-resistant depression is a term used in clinical psychiatry to describe cases of major depressive disorder (MDD) that do not respond adequately to appropriate courses of at least two antidepressants. Click here to read more about the signs of depression.

If you have been treated with at least (2) or more classes antidepressants with no results, you may have a form Treatment-Resistant Depression. This makes you a possible candidate for ketamine treatment. Call 855-438-5382 to discuss more. 

How to establish care at our clinic:

  • Obtain a referral from a Licensed Mental Health Professional (REQUIRED)
  • Call 855-GET-KETA to schedule an appointment
  • Fill out required paperwork and sign consent forms
  • Come to Georgia Ketamine Clinic for in office treatment
  • Schedule consecutive treatments per physician recommendation
  • Follow up via phone and questionnaire with Georgia Ketamine Clinic
  • Follow up with your Primary Mental Health Professional

Ketamine is not a cure for chronic depression, however, it may provide patients with an extended period of relief from treatment resistant depression. Click here to read how Ketamine Offers Hope To People Suffering From Depression