Botox For Depression

Botox Helps Offer Hope For Depression

When most people hear the word “Botox”, they think of the cosmetic treatment, but did you know that there is research to show that is useful for treating depression as well? It’s true.

Facts About Depression

The World Health Organization tells us that globally:

  • More than 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide
  • 800,000 commit suicide every year
  • Less than half receive any form of treatment

Many Americans suffer quietly and die due to their depression. This is a tragic loss of life, and the staff at the Georgia Ketamine clinic want to help turn those numbers around. We want to provide something no one with depression feels they have- hope.

Research in ongoing, but many people point to the 2014 study where 85 participants were split up into a randomized double blind study. Half were given a placebo and half of the participants were given Botox. The subjects that received Botox reported their depression symptoms improved significantly. Even six weeks later, the same subject were interviewed again where they reported feeling better.

We are seeing the same results in our clinic. After injecting Botox, patients suffering from debilitating depressive symptoms are reporting that they feel relief. Imagine feeling well enough to get back to your life. It can absolutely happen to you.

Botox treatment for depression offers a cost effective way to alleviate depressive symptoms. It provides what everyone with depression wants- to feel better.

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