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We believe helping patients choose the best herbs or supplement to complement their treatment is paramount to helping each patient feel their very best.

“Ketamine is extremely effective, but it is always better to combine with herbs”

Evergreen Nourish – Capsules


Evergreen Calm – Capsules


Evergreen Schisandra ZZZ


Evergreen Herbal ABX – Capsules


Evergreen Cordyceps 3 – Capsules


Evergreen Vitality Capsules


Evergreen Gentle Lax (Deficient) – Capsules


Evergreen Magnolia Clear Sinus – Capsules


Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang Capsules


Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Capsules


MegaSporeBiotic (60 capsules, 30-day supply)


RestorFlora (50 capsules)


HU58 – High Potency Bacillus subtilis HU58


GI Tonic – Capsules


GI Harmony  – Capsules


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