What is Moxibustion?

Moxibustion is one form of heat therapy. It is commonly known as a traditional Chinese medicine technique. It is done by burning of moxa which is known to promote healing. Moxa is created with a Chinese plant called Mugwort. Moxibustion is used to strengthen the blood and maintain general health. It is also known to stimulate the flow of qi.


    Types of Moxibustion

    There are two types of moxibustion, direct and indirect:

    1. Direct Moxibustion includes a small amount of moxa being placed on the top of an acupuncture point and burned. Direct Moxibustion can also be categorized into scarring and non-scarring.
    • Scarring Moxibustion allows the entire moxa to be burned until it burns out completely. This leaves the chance of possible scarring and blisters in that area.
    • Non-scarring Moxibustions allows the moxa to be burned until it gets near the skin and then it is extinguished. This leaves no chance of scarring.


    1. Indirect Moxibustion includes the practitioner lights a moxa stick and hovers it over the area that needs to be treated until the area turns red. Indirect Moxibustion is the most popular form of moxibustion because there is a much lower chance of pain or burning.

    Why use Moxibustion?

    When you need special body treatment, Moxibustion is for you. The mental and physical benefits of moxibustion are limitless but here are a few common benefits:


    • Treats energy deficiencies
    • Treats joint pain
    • Treats arthritis
    • Treats diarrhea
    • Treats Kidney stones
    • Treats Menstrual cramps
    • Treats infertility
    • Treats sperm motility

    History of Moxibustion

    Moxibustion has been around as early as 400 BCE. The ancient belief behind moxibustion is that in order for the body to be healed, the body needed to be heated in specific places. A early pioneer of acupuncture named Waichi Sugiyama was blind and utilized palpation to better determine locations for therapy. Waichi Sugiyama is also the same person who is commonly known as the father of Japanese acupuncture.

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