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Ketamine treatment offers an alternative to traditional detox methods.

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Get Relief From Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

For those wrestling with the physical signs and symptoms of opiate abuse, there’s a new approach to withdrawal for your consideration. Addiction professionals have recently published research indicating the benefits of using Ketamine infusion therapy as a way of alleviating the pain and suffering of opiate withdrawal symptoms. Since the pain of withdrawal is what stops most opiate addicts from getting into recovery, now, that obstacle can be safely and comfortably removed. 

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With Addiction, There Is Hope

It’s clear that there is a significant heroin epidemic in our country right now. There are people overdosing in increasing numbers. Most people abusing opiates want a way out. That’s why there’s Georgia Ketamine. We offer a reasonably priced option that allows you to withdraw in a safe, comfortable, confidential way. 

 Opiate Withdrawal On Your Terms

Getting off opiates is no picnic. It’s like having the flu but ten times worse. Going to an inpatient detox isn’t always an option for people. That’s why we offer another way. With Ketamine Infusion Therapy, you only need to come to our office for roughly 45 minutes a day for 10 days. Our process allows you to live your life- while taking the right steps to an opiate free lifestyle. No locked doors. No group therapy. No labels or judgment. It’s time you stop chasing the drugs and get it together.

If you or someone you love needs help dealing with opiate withdrawal symptoms, call the staff at Georgia Ketamine. We’re standing by to help you get off opiates. Let us help you deal with the first hurdle in your recovery- opiate withdrawal symptoms. Call us today at 855-438-5382.

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opiate withdrawal atlanta


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